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Gracie's HaircutDog Scents grooming services are designed to give our client’s dog a comfortable experience in a grooming day. We use only quality shampoos and cleaning agents that are gentle and safe for our client’s dog. Room temperature dryers are used, and our clips are done with patience and care, to a breed specific style, if desired.

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ObedienceOur Services are family pet training, competition level Obedience and Tracking, small group classes, personal One on One Instruction, to the individual dogs needs.

We provide group obedience class courses while offering dog behavior analysis and private training on and off site, for individuals or families.

Dog Obedience lessons are structured as an 8 week one hour session course

Dog Scents is open Monday thru Saturday by Appointment Only 905-722-5380

We are located on a 10 acre parcel of land in Sutton West, Ontario with a large fully fenced 150 foot by 150 foot outdoor training field for private or group obedience classes.

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Tracking LineIt’s a enjoyable natural skill to exercise with your dog, sessions cover up to and include CKC TDX levels for competition.

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Film Work

As well as Training and Competing in Tracking, Obedience and the sport of Schutzhund, Dog Scents prepares dogs for the film industry.

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