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At Dog Scents, we prepare clients and their dog for a lifetime of happiness and understanding, how to earn respect and trust. We fully educate clients, inform and empower “CLIENTS” to train and positively change the behavior of their dog. Our ultimate goal is the opportunity for a dog to become relaxed, confident and wanting to please its owner.

Dog Scents Grooming and Obedience Training will help you train your dog effectively through dog friendly techniques and therefore become lifelong companions in the family, based on mutual trust respect. Promoting relationships between dogs and people by educating owners’ in canine behavior and emphasizing professionalism and reward based behavior.

Child_with_dogDog Scents will create a successful relationship with you and your dog by building trust and mutual understanding, effective communication between the human and the dog.

Mobile Training services start in the clients home on a One To One basis, then move on to nearby sessions in outdoor locations to mimic their regular lifestyle.

Whether it is training for the family dog or for competition training, the team at Dog Scents has the qualifications to help you succeed.

Pim Vanderveen and Arie vom BergblickAs a long time competitor with 30 years of experience in the sport of IPO/Schutzhund I rely on Trish as my training partner for her critical eye and training experience. Trish has helped me succeed at local as well as regional and national championships.

 Pim Vanderveen

Simply put. If it was not for Trish Foley's guidance and mentorship Harley would not have been the Highest Scoring IPO Doberman in Canada for 2016. Without Trish I would not have the knowledge and understanding of the IPO/ Schutzhund Dog Sport. I will forever be grateful.

Mario Serrani



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