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portrait of dog and personOur mission is to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners, by maintaining the highest standards of grooming and training, with care and compassion.

Our Commitment

Our “All in One” dog facility strives to make the dog look and feel the best, the quality service and relationship with our clients and their dogs, is our top priority.

Our Schedule

Dog Scents Grooming appointments are available Monday to Saturday by 'Appointment Only'.
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Obedience Training

One on One Training At Your Home- 6 one hour sessions One on One Tracking Instruction- 8 one hour sessions Instruction for beginners to competition levels

Group ClassesDog Scents Obedience Training Yard

Location: 25542 Park Road, Sutton West, L0E 1R0
Large fully fenced training field- 6 one hour training sessions
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"Thank you for all your help over the last 8 weeks. We've had many dogs, but none that challenged us as much as Lupo, and we very much needed help. We wouldn't be where we are today with Lupo if not for your weekly encouragement and guidnace. Thanks again."

Lorain, Tony, Anthony, and of course, Lupo



"Trish has done a great job! In addition to sit, Coco has learned to fetch, come and lie down. She also walks obediently beside me on a leash. As for me, I have learned to be firm with Coco but also to give her a lot of praise and love when she listens and obeys. Trish said not only will Coco learn to be obedient, but I will benefit from training the dog as this can help build character and accept responsibility."

Susan (age 10) and German Shepherd



"Trish quickly identified our needs, formulated a plan, and put us to work. My dog Xena and I had a better relationship after just one lesson. As an example of what we have accomplished, Xena refused to enter a crate but within 3 minutes of following Trish’s instructions Xena would enter the crate on command. After practicing 10 minutes a day for three days Xena began going to her crate on her own. Incredible!"

Duane Rose and Xena



"Totally amazing service and worth every penny for the training we had done with our two english bull dogs. We are very happy our dogs quickly learned from the professional training methods Dog Scents provides. Excellent communication and advice, our household is much more organized and controlled. Problem situations have been completely resolved for our family with our pets. Strongly recommend. It is worth the call."



"I came to Trish in May of this year looking for help. I had adopted a dog in January who came from an extreme case of neglect and abuse, and because of this, had lost a leg. My dog, Lexi, was out of control to walk, pulling, lashing out at other dogs when they walked by, I wasn't able to control her and I knew I needed heip. Trish came right to my house for 9 visits, and by the last lesson, I was more confident to walk Lexi, and Lexi was much more calm because Trish had taught me how to correct her negative behaviour. We also did an 8 week obedience class at her house, and Lexi is now a completly different dog than when I first brought her home. She's well behaved and she's even become friends with a few other dogs! Trish had acknowledged that Lexi had never bonded with people and that her prey drive was sky high, everything was brand new to her, and that was something that wasn't going to go away for a while, but she has certainly bonded herself to me and my family. I can't thank Trish enough for helping me and Lexi get through our rough patch, without her guidance and determination to help us, I don't know where we would be. I would recommend Trish to anyone who needed any kind of dog training, because she is certainly good at what she does! Thanks again Trish!"


Emily and Lexi


"Two years ago 1 rescued Rue, a now 5-year-old female Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross. I immediately reached out to Trish, knowing how much help she had given me with my other dog, a now 6-year-old male Australian Terrier. Rue and I took a group class at Trish's training facility and it was great! Rue was able to interact with the other dogs and learn some basic obedience. Trish also came to my home to conduct private sessions with both dogs and help me manage their different personalities. As a result of the training and Rue's great personality, she is now a St. John's Therapy Dog and we currently visit a seniors home in Georgina. Trish was able to take us through to the testing portion and we are having a great time! I can always call on her if something comes up and trust her methods."


Marina Orlovski


"Working with Trish changed our lives. She taught us how to train our dog, she didn’t just train him, and that is what made all the difference in the world. Not once did Trish look at the clock to rush through a session. Her six sessions were personalized to our needs, and our dog. We appreciated every minute spent with Trish, and would recommend her affordable services to anyone. Our next puppy will meet Trish the day we bring him home!!"


Boone and family


"As a long time competitor with 30 years of experience in the sport of IPO/Schutzhund I rely on Trish as my training partner for her critical eye and training experience. Trish has helped me succeed at local as well as regional and national championships."


Pim Vanderveen


"Simply put. If it was not for Trish Foley's guidance and mentorship Harley would not have been the Highest Scoring IPO Doberman in Canada for 2016. Without Trish I would not have the knowledge and understanding of the IPO/ Schutzhund Dog Sport. I will forever be grateful."


Mario Serrani


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